This program is perfect for the person that wants to dive-in-deep, work wicked closely with KK + is ready to stop feckin’ around. Ha!

This is for the ones that are finally willing to get out of their own way, be responsible for both their suffering and their happiness & are ready to take ownership of both their bullshit & their brilliance.

As my Spiritual mentor once told me, “If you want life to take you seriously, then you’ve got to take your life seriously.” (But trust me, we’ll still have a lot of fun!)

It’s a 12-month commitment to getting wicked honest, facing your fears, cutting the shit, speaking your truth and finding your voice. This is about RETRAINING THE MIND, consciously connecting more deeply to the Divine + learning to relinquish a thought system based in fear and replacing it with a thought system based in LOVE.

It’s an invitation to: let go of old limiting stories and beliefs, to transform the meaning that you’ve given to everything “that’s happened”, and an opportunity to change the way you look at, think of & relate to yourself, your “brothers & sisters” and the world around you… Cause’ if you change your mind - you change your life.

And because it’s the 1:1 custom VIP - this experience is an up-close & personalized year-long program created specifically for you.

Based on a proven results system that I’ve created and cultivated over the last 20 years as a teacher of Yoga, a student of A Course in Miracles, a Gateless Writing Facilitator and as a practitioner of Passage Meditation.

Here’s the thing, I know this stuff works because I was my own first client. I did the work to change my own mind, my own stories and my own life.

My belief in what’s possible for you, if you actually do the work, is not based on some “feel good” theories. This is straight-up evidence that’s founded on first-person, bona fide, tried & true experience. Cause’ you can only teach what you know and knowledge comes from wisdom gleaned from what you’ve done and have proof of for yourself.

So, if you’re ready to make an investment in yourself, ready to get down to the business of forgiveness, peace & happiness & damn sure ready to start living in the Fearless Flow - this program is for you.

The program includes:

  • 24 x 1:1 Private Sessions with KK via Zoom (50-Minutes – 1st session is 90-minute Kick-Off Call)

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls via Zoom (90 min)

  • Online Training Content: Video Modules + PDF Worksheets

  • Interactive Private FB Group = Spiritual Community 

  • Voxer Voice Support (Downloadable App)

  • Complimentary Ticket to TWO 3-Day Fearless Flow Retreats

  • Surprise and Delights!


Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

* In an effort to guide you into the right program financially,
this program is for individuals who make an annual income of $100K+