This is one of my six furry kids: Buckminster Biscuits. Also known as Bucky, Buck, Buckaroo, etc. After a recent funny email from a friend - I might just start calling him Bhukti Mukti (Enjoyment & Liberation)! As you can see from the picture - he certainly knows how to let go and enjoy himself.

I'm blessed to have this little guy in my life for so many reasons. First off, he is a total kooky monkey. He reminds me all the time to not take myself too seriously. As the head of our furry pack - he also keeps things in order. If one of the other crazy fuzzies - gets way out of line - (think wild squirrels hopped up on Mountain Dew) he is quick to make a correction. In doing so, he teaches me about creating healthy boundaries.

But the most important thing my little buddy teaches me about is LOVE! Here's the thing - Buck ADORES me! Like super-duper tail wagging, spin in circles, back leg hopping because "OMG, MY MOMMY IS HOME!" loves me! (Seriously, how lucky am I?)

And he shows me this truth each time I walk through the door. Mr. Biscuits is so not stingy with his love. He demonstrates his unbridled joy at seeing me each and everyday. It recently got me to thinking about how I show my love in the world. Do I offer it freely? No strings attached? Do I extend it to everyone or do I withhold it or save it for just a few "special" people?

A Course in Miracles says, "To teach is to demonstrate... Any situation must be to you a chance to teach others what you are, and what they are to you." It also shares one of my favorite sayings, "Teach Only Love - For That Is What You Are."

How are you demonstrating your Love? Get quiet and think about this for a moment. No judgement - just shine a light on it. Then, maybe like Buckaroo - we'll all choose to not be stingy with our love either! Let's not wait for February 14 to roll around to share our affection, to offer a compliment, to hold a hand, to pick up the phone to talk or send an actual handwritten love note!

Be Brave. Say I Love You. Say it with enthusiasm! Maybe even wag your tail and spin in circles because your sweetie just walked in the door. Or because you finally realized that the Beloved is already always HOME - right there - inside your beautiful, abundant heart.