It's been said that prayer is when "we talk to God" and meditation is "when we listen". I believe that God/Universe/Spirit is always communicating with us - but our minds are so crazy loud that we cannot hear the Divine whisper. Our eyes are so transfixed on our devices that we cannot see that miracles abound! If we are not careful, if we do not learn to slow down and look up - we'll end up missing the signs that are right in front of us!

The signs come in all kinds of forms: a strong gut instinct, a song on the radio, a random phone call - the license plate on the car ahead of you. A breeze at just the right time, a book that falls off the shelf, a knowing or intuition that you just can't ignore. The Universe is always reaching out to us. The question is - are we open and willing to receive?

On Mother's Day, I went to the cemetery to do some maintenance around my mother's grave. My mom is buried in the same plot as my cousin Bunny, my Uncle John and my Grammy Connors. My little cousin Tim is also buried here - not too far from the rest of his kin.

When I visit this place in the Spring - it is always bustling with the sounds of life. Excited little birds chattering to one another from the gorgeous fragrant trees. As I go about my work here, I slip into a quiet reverence, focused on the task at hand and deeply aware of all that my family has lost.

As I snip at those tenacious little bushes that we regret planting years ago and scrub the grey-green bits of moss from her headstone - I talk to my mother silently. Sharing with her what's been on my mind and in my heart. What I'm learning and what I'm letting go.

I also spend some time visiting with the rest of my family. I sit in the grass amongst their stones and tell them we miss them, that they're not forgotten, that we think of them all the time. When I'm done, I pack up my tools, wipe my hands on my jeans and get back in the car.

As I drive up the last hill, about to leave the cemetery, I spot out of the corner of my eye, a cute turkey lingering near the large granite monument. I smile at him and tap my dashboard twice with my hand (a quirk of mine) and say out loud, "Happy Mother's Day! I love you Ma!"

As soon as the words leave my mouth - this amazing little creature puffs up his chest, fans his tail feathers wide and starts gobbling like mad! I stop my car and stare at him in wonder as he struts around putting on a magnificent show for me.

His display is so grand and so perfectly timed that I have no doubt that it is my mother answering me. Using a Universal Sign to say "I love you too!" Just look at my feathers - can you see how much I love you? Just listen to my sound - can you hear how much I love you?

Awaken-Awaken-Awaken ~ The Love is All Around Us!