I still remember so clearly the day I graduated from my Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training back in March of 2001. I'd already been subbing some yoga classes at a gym I'd been working at as a personal trainer but now I could officially say - I was a yoga teacher. I was giddy with excitement to start spreading my love of yoga!

Back then, there weren't a bunch of yoga studios in the Concord area. There were a couple of teachers in town that taught small groups and there were a few offerings at the YMCA and at The Yoga Center where I took classes - so I had to get kind of creative about where I could share my bubbling enthusiasm for yoga.

I organized a class at a church in Northwood, taught a couple of weekly classes at The Yoga Center in Concord, at Express Fitness in Hooksett and at SNHU in Manchester. Plus I had a private client close to Penacook. In the spirit of karma yoga and service - I also reached out to ConcordTV to see if I could offer a free televised yoga class to people who otherwise couldn't make it to a class for geographic, financial, health or incarceration issues. They loved my idea and "The Yoga Show with Karen" was born!

In 2002, after a year of running around like crazy, I decided I wanted to open my own studio. No more hauling my ass and my props all over southern NH. I wanted to create a special place to fully land. I started putting together a plan and in January of 2003, Quest Yoga was founded.

I look back at that time in my life and my teaching with great affection and humility. Since then, I've learned so much about myself, yoga and what it means to be a teacher. I have to laugh (and sometimes cringe) when I think about those early years. Sigh.... that's why it's called "a practice" and not "a perfect".

There's just way too many fantastic students, stories and memories to adequately sum up what Quest Yoga has meant to me. I can say that I feel deeply honored and ridiculously blessed that I've been given the opportunity to serve through Yoga. I can only hope that Quest Yoga and our wonderful community, which I have to say is made up of some of the most lovely and beautiful people, has also touched your lives in some small way too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your continuous support of me, Quest Yoga and our beloved Questie family. You've had my back over the last 13 years as I've created, explored, taken leaps of faith and tried to stay true to the Divine call within my heart. Quest Yoga wouldn't be possible without each of you. I may have brought it forth into the world - but it's your amazing Spirit that gives it life.