The Story Behind Domestic Violence with Suzanne Dubus

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In today’s episode of The Karen Kenney Show, we talk with my dear friend Suzanne Dubus, Chief Executive of The Jeanne Gieger Crisis Center for the past 22+ years. A survivor of domestic violence herself, Suzanne understands what an abusive relationship is like and how challenging it can be to leave. She believes that safety should not simply be placed on the survivor’s shoulders, but rather the responsibility for establishing a safe community belongs to the community itself as a whole. We’ll talk with Suzanne about both the personal and universal effects of violence and how you can help others in a Domestic Violence situation or how you can get help yourself.

What you will learn on this episode:

  • Survivor Services that are provided (5:50)

  • Is this a learned behavior? (10:36)

  • Forgiveness and healing process (13:01)

  • Why do we stay for so long? (15:08)

  • Why do we give our power away? (22:32)

  • Suzanne’s visit to Boston (27:40)

  • Victim training session and its effects (32:36)

  • There is nothing like someone else that can understand (39:16)

  • Violent Language (42:34)

  • This does not only affect the people involved (44:00)

  • If the fear does not have a place to go - it becomes dangerous (47:27)

  • How you can help or how can you get help? (51:34)

Suzanne joined the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in 1995 and has served as its chief executive since 1997.  She is credited with developing and administering domestic violence programs that are informed by the needs of survivors and are comprehensive and effective.

In a White House ceremony in October 2010, Vice President Joseph Biden recognized the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center’s Domestic Violence High-Risk Team Model, when he said, “We need to replace what we have been doing and replicate this kind of success.”

Recognized as an expert in the field, Dubus was named a Champion of Change by the White House in October 2011; and most recently, the 2016 Woman of the Year by Delamano, Inc.  She was invited to attend the first summit on The United State of Women, representing an important moment for women and girls domestically and internationally, as well as for all proponents of gender justice and equality.

She currently serves as a member of the Massachusetts Governor’s Council on Sexual and Domestic Violence; the Massachusetts Council on Family Serving Agencies; past president of the board of Jane Doe, Inc., the statewide coalition of domestic violence and sexual assault programs.  Dubus lives in Exeter, NH with her family.



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