“When people have said to me, you don’t seem to go to New England very much, I remember saying to one person, New England doesn’t need me, they have Karen Kenney. What a wonderful teacher she is, what a wonderful writer she is and the world hasn’t even begun to hear yet from this woman what it’s going to hear. So you’re not going to keep her JUST in NH for too long.” 
~ Marianne Williamson  (Internationally Acclaimed, Best-Selling Author & Lecturer)


“Divine day! Got to have a Power Summit with Karen Kenney – storyteller, writer, yoga teacher and leader, retreat creator, inspired entrepreneur, spiritual mentor, and Fearless Phenom in the realms of Truth, Forgiveness, and Freedom. She is a one-woman revolution of soul and personal power. Allen Voivod and I are in awe of where she’s been, who she is, and where she’s going. Visit her webiste to read her amazing story. You’ll be blown away, guaranteed! I also LOVED Karen’s story at the Live in Love retreat about how she met Marianne Williamson, and how Marianne become a lifelong friend and mentor. Powerful beyond measure, indeed! If you haven’t heard Karen speak – about anything, really! – and especially about her inconceivable childhood, and her adventures to and with yoga, spirituality, and writing, you must. Find her, look her up, take a workshop, pop into one of her yoga classes, whatever. Just do it. You’ll thank me later. I look forward to hearing about your first-time #KarenKenney experience!” 
~ Lani Voivod (Creative strategist, Practical dreamer, Brand-building brainstormer at Epiphanies, Inc.)


After my first class with Karen as a student of A Course In Miracles, I felt like someone had dumped a bucket of ice water on me, mid slumber, while yelling, “WAKE UP!” Now, each connection I make with Karen, I have a new refreshing experience, somehow jolting me out of the trance of my own conditioning and my own ego. Every time I get the honor to work with KK, whether it be as a student of The Course, or as a writing student, I walk away feeling more connected to myself, to the people around me, and to The Divine. She has often reminded me, the teachers in our lives are not there to do the work for us, to heal us, or to tell us what our way is to be. The teachers in our lives are there to show us that there is another way, to direct our attention inward so that we may understand that all of the answers we seek outside of ourselves have always been there within us all along. Karen has helped me do just this; to turn inward and begin the journey of releasing lifelong beliefs that have held me back from being and giving the one thing we all truly are – LOVE. As a writing teacher, Karen has reminded me that my voice is important, unique and worthy of being heard, but most importantly, she has helped me remember that I HAVE a voice. With humor, grace, humility, experience, a “no bull” attitude and love, Karen offers me and each of her students the opportunity to see this life through a fresh pair of eyes. Some may call it “rose colored glasses”, but as those of us in Karen’s ACIM group like to say – thanks greatly in part to the guidance of this amazing woman – I’ve just got my love glasses on! 
~ Kristen Hubbard (Wellness Coach, Writer & Musician)


There’s no one I would rather have in my corner than Karen Kenney. Coming from such unimaginable and challenging beginnings growing up, she has channeled those events and so much more to become a success in the greatest sense of the word. An entrepreneur and yogi with so much heart and love and laughter it is such a joy to be around her. It is also comforting to know that she will listen with her full attention and in her poignant and no B.S. way help provide you with choices that are all a part of a clear path built on integrity and your deepest truth. One of the true joys in my life is getting to call Karen a friend and a mentor who has been there for me time and again. 
Shai Plonski (Founder – Still Light Centre)


Karen is the real deal. She doesn’t just share wisdom gleaned from masterful teachers or great books, she shares wisdom that comes from lived experience, from committing to a path grounded in love and light, compassion and gratitude, perseverance and triumph. When Karen speaks and teaches, you’ll want to go hug your neighbor, cross the next thing off your bucket list, forgive your foes, breathe a little deeper, and stand a little taller. 
~ Irene Soléa (Kirtan & Chant Artist, Music Therapist)


I’ve never been held so well or seen as deeply as when I first stepped into Karen Kenney’s fierce fairy-godmother midst. With her quick wit, unfaltering focus and her ability to make you laugh your ass off while you’re challenging the places where you feel most stuck, Karen Kenney has the mix you need to transform your life. Combining writing with her vast experience in spiritual mentoring, Yoga and Thai massage, Karen can show you how to move further into those places that hurt and see both the humor and compassion in the places that feel a little broken. Student and protegee to some of the brightest spiritual and literary geniuses of our day, including Marianne Williamson (Return to Love) and Andre Dubus III (Townie), Karen knows authentic writing when she sees it and can dig deep to help you bring out yours. Come on in, take that leap of faith and watch your life change. 
~ Suzanne Kingsbury (Critically-Acclaimed Novelist and Founder of the Gateless Writing)


I’ve worked directly with Karen for the past several years as both a colleague and friend. In this time, I have witnessed her abilities as a mentor, a writer and transformational yoga teacher. Karen has touched the lives of others in many profound and beautiful ways. She has an approachable and down to earth style. I’ve witnessed the effect of her transformational and infectious energy in others. I’ve also observed her ability to create and maintain physical, emotional and psychological safety for her students and clients. The passion she radiates for her work and desire to help others to succeed is truly inspirational. It’s been both a remarkable learning experience and privilege for me to work with Karen. I strongly recommend her classes, workshops and trainings! ~ Avantika Waleryszak (Founder – Still Point Healing Method)


Karen Kenney is a wizard of the highest order and her ability to share the magic is life changing. I’ve never had someone so gifted and present to Spirit work with me. She blind-sided me with her writing and her seamless, singing way of delivering the “now” inside of her story. She’s a one-of-a-kind Salon and Writing Workshop leader. I’ve never met anyone who could bring the body’s brilliance to the page like she does. I’d go back again tomorrow and the next day. 
~ Minton Sparks (Spoken word artist, Singer, Songwriter and Teacher of Writing and Performing Arts)


The only way to describe Karen’s class is it’s like going to yoga, church and therapy – all in one night. 
~ Jodi Hanley (Oncology Social Worker)


Days after working and writing with Karen, I’m still feeling grounded and energized from her teaching. Her workshop opened my heart and let me write, unafraid and supported. She let me deep dive into my words and write from a truly inspired place. She’s the kind of teacher – of person, you always want by your side! 
~ Kate Baldwin (Writer, Mom & Dog Lover)


I was looking to find a way to incorporate yoga into my coaching sessions with clients. As a long-time yoga student and recently certified yoga instructor, I didn’t feel that I had transferable skills or experience to do so. I completed Karen’s workshop, Art of Teaching Private Yoga, left with a new sense of confidence and empowerment to begin my private yoga journey. Karen is truly a gift. I feel blessed that I’ve the opportunity to learn from her and look forward to working with her more. 
~ Jackie Fernandes (Life Coach, Business Strategist, Yoga Teacher)


Karen’s gifts as a yoga teacher and Gateless salon and workshop leader have the power to change your life. She’s deeply connected to life force energy.  A conduit, a true healer, and an amazing teacher. With boundless generosity, she shows you the home you never knew you had inside yourself.  Karen’s voice is powerful, strong and so very much her own but her method still allows for freedom. She meets the needs of the individual while instructing the group, always teaching how to reach, how to breathe, how to be. How to become comfortable with discomfort.  She brought me back to a presence of mind I’d apparently, unknowingly lost somewhere along the way. 
~ Regina Tingle  (Writer, BA in Journalism, MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College)



Karen has a knack for coupling dignity and humor to her work, on the page, on the mat, and through conversations held in sacred trust. She dwells in the fierce embrace, loving everyone and everything, and bringing incredible compassion to her clients. I am a changed person in the care of her hands. And my writing mirrored through her feedback, insists I take it deeper. 
~ Jodi Paloni (Writing Professor, Life Coach, Novelist and the 2013 Recipient of the Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction)


Karen has the skill and the heart to not only take you where you want to go, but to take you to where you didn’t even know you wanted to go. Her heartfelt presence, her directness, her authentic voice, and her reverence for the human experience shine in both her writing and her teaching. A workshop, class or salon with Karen is something not to be missed. 
~ Dulcie Witman (MFA Fiction Writer, Therapist, Advice Columnist)


Spiritual mentoring with Karen has moved me in the direction of a deeper connectedness with the Divine, and expanded my daily spiritual practice. Karen’s compassion, balanced by her no nonsense call to accountability opens my eyes, heart and mind to a holiness within all of life.  This has reshaped me as a person, parent, pastor and a spouse. What a blessing and delight Karen truly is! Rev. Virginia Fryer (Pastor Bow Mills United Methodist Church) 


Karen is pure magic. Her genuine and loving spirit can’t help but help you discover your own inner light. ~ Sylvie Kurtz (Pilot and Published Author of 21 Novels)


As a workshop leader, Karen is such an inspiration. Her writing, with its raw vulnerability, drew forth from me a time when I felt the same and gave me permission to write my own story. And her Thai Yoga massage, is the most gentle, caring, loving, never-wanting-it-to-end experience that I’ve ever had. In her hands I felt so safe, so cared for, so loved. 
~ Kathleen Murray Moran (Author of Forthcoming Memoir The Widow and the Hijacker, Green House Press)


Yoga with Karen is absolutely priceless. When I practice with her on a regular basis, the benefits and rewards are huge!!! Each class, Karen mixes it up. She teaches different postures, along with hitting the spiritual and mental end from different angles. Along with a noticeably stronger core and more flexibility – Karen’s classes keep me injury free and mentally ready to bring my “A” game to each workout and race. It’s also taught me just how important it is to slow down, take a look around and recognize just what is important in life. That life truly is about balance, humility and smiles.  Karen is totally dialed in to each student and their needs. She genuinely cares about each person that sets foot in her class. Another thing is Karen doesn’t sugar-coat anything. She always says how it is. Her classes have been game-changers in my Life. I can’t thank her enough. 
~ Sean Snow (Kick-Ass Ironman Triathlete)


I met Karen 5 years ago and I still remember how much I loved her classes right from the get go. I had chronic hip and groin issues from years of playing hockey and improper training. Since meeting Karen I’ve been set on the right path to strengthening my core and flexibility, which has enhanced my performance as an athlete. With all the physical contact and pain I experience on the ice, Karen’s yoga classes are the perfect outlet for me to get centered, calm, and grounded. She truly is amazing at what she does. I’m very grateful to have her as my friend and yoga teacher. 
~ Rich Clune (NHL Hockey Player – Toronto Maple Leafs)


Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for the difference Karen Kenney has made in my life! Prior to my first yoga class, I was in need of some major spiritual and emotional intervention. I was in the process of searching for that certain something, when I happened upon one of Karen’s yoga classes. Physically, I found a practice that both challenged and excited me. But even more unexpectedly, Karen introduced me to a practice that has allowed me to heal, calm and grow. Her gift with words – both her love for the written word as well as her ability to interpret and articulate readings to apply to our every day living – has made a profound influence on my life. Each class, I am eager to hear Karen’s daily message – learning how to become a happier, healthier, kinder and more compassionate person. I was obviously thrilled when I held that first handstand, but I’m even more blown away at how yoga has helped me strengthen my inner self and given me an inner peace – a healing far beyond what I thought possible! I am so blessed to have Karen as my yoga teacher and to be part of her warm and welcoming community. Karen is changing the world, one yoga student at a time, and I’m so very grateful to be one of them! 
~ Deirdre Martin (Math Teacher)


I started taking classes from Karen a few years ago. Her classes immediately stood out. Although the poses were the same, the practice felt very different, deeper somehow. It seemed each time I took a class I walked away feeling renewed both physically and spiritually. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what she did or said that was so different, but I loved it and when I recommitted to yoga last year, I sought her out to yet again receive those intangible benefits from yoga practice. I could not be more thankful that I found her. Even more than the poses, more than words of insight, what Karen provides is a sense of community where her students are able to walk in and immediately feel connected to others, connected to the spirit and connected to yourself. This warm and welcoming community allows her students to start their physical and spiritual practice from a place of acceptance. The message Karen exudes is that we lack nothing, we are infinitely loved, we are good and have been blessed with a powerful light that shines brighter than we can even imagine. When you begin feeling accepted just as you are, you feel safe. It is within this environment that Karen challenges her students both physically and spiritually. Can we go further in a pose? Do we need to listen to our bodies and rest? What about our minds and our spirits? Are we closing ourselves off and taking the easy way out, or is there a way we can open up more? Are we afraid of what will happen if we surrender—to a pose, to the divine? Karen knows our potential and won’t let us settle for less! One yoga class may not cure a broken heart or a bad back, but it’s a conscious effort you can take to begin that journey of healing. Karen is a joyful, gentle and invaluable guide through that journey. 
~ Laurie Quinn (Attorney)


It is such a gift to all of us that Karen Kenney chose to teach yoga. When I come to her classes and workshops, I always leave feeling better. And as time goes by, the benefits are lasting longer and longer. It’s not just the physical exercise that benefits us, but the connection she makes to what is really important: something bigger than us that connects and unites us all. Thank you Karen for taking the time at the beginning of class to help us set an intention, thank you for reminding me during class to breathe, and thank you for reminding us all that there is the light, the goodness and the divine in each and every one of us. Down to earth transcendence. ~ Gino Tiella (Science Teacher)


Karen is the best kept secret in New Hampshire! She’s an amazing teacher with a unique ability to combine the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice. I’ve always come away from her class feeling renewed. When she mentioned the idea of having a Spiritual Mentor, I was immediately interested in seeing what that was all about. So I scheduled a private session with her. Karen has a sixth sense about understanding where a person is at and an ability to gently guide you in the right direction. I had some issues with people in my past that I think were a roadblock to my future. We were able to discuss these things and come up with a plan to move forward. In much the same way that Karen talks to us in yoga class, I came away from our session with a renewed spirit. I let go of some things that were holding me back, learned how to incorporate a few new things into my own spiritual practice and my life changed for the better. I thank Karen for giving me the jumpstart I needed. I highly recommend her as a Spiritual Mentor. ~ Dr. Tony Sacco (Optometrist)


I have had the good fortune this past year to have Karen Kenney as my yoga instructor. It began as a simple introduction to a practice I had ventured into a few times in my life but had not stuck with. What it turned into was an amazing period of growth and awareness that I know would not have happened without Karen’s wise guidance and open spirit. Karen was born to teach and to encourage growth. She does it effortlessly, by example, by explanation and exhilaration. The pure joy of loving what she does is apparent. More than just her yoga teaching, which is fun, uplifting and sometimes intense, there is her spiritual guidance, full of wisdom and hope and often revelations, all of which helps me navigate upheavals in life with a little more grace and dignity than if she were not my mentor and friend. ~ Joy Steinberg (Artist)


Part of the reason I like to go to church is because for a short while, the time isn’t about me, my phone, etc. It’s about a higher being and believing in that and giving back. When you talk about meditation and believing in this yoga practice – it’s intriguing to me… Your class feels a bit like church and working out all in one. It’s such a fabulous way to start the week – I’ve been singing your praises! I tend to be negative and when I leave your class, I want to be a better person. Thanks for that! 
~ Leah Raabe